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What We Do



At Alpha Kids Academy, our programs, daily routines and environments are designed for specific age groups:

  • Our 0-2’s have soft areas and spaces to be nurtured
  • Our 2-3’s can explore and discover
  • Our 3-6’s find a balance between play, fun and learning (literacy and numeracy)

The distinctive design of our centres, together with high quality facilities and resources allow Alpha Kids Academy to provide the children and staff with inviting spaces, where every day is an opportunity for learning, growth and development.


 We pride ourselves on our professionally curated meals, all crafted on-site by a certified Chef in our fully equipped kitchen. Our four week rotating menu is very diverse and is governmentendorsed.

Our comprehensive service includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late afternoon snack, ensuring that children are nourished throughout the day. Recognising the unique tastes of children, our menus are thoughtfully designed to cater to their preferences, taking into consideration their dietary requirements and ensuring their well-being.


Our Facilities

We provide a meticulously crafted service designed to the utmost standards, ensuring that each child under our care enjoys a secure and enriching environment.

Every child benefits from access to play and educational spaces custom-tailored to suit their individual developmental requirements. Our indoor and outdoor areas are carefully orchestrated to deliver top-tier experiences, blending artificial and natural settings seamlessly.

Our objective is to cultivate a secure, nurturing, and inviting atmosphere that encourages children to explore, learn, and make decisions safely, fostering growth and engagement at every turn.


Extra Curricular Programs

We tend to go above and beyond, so it’s only right we provide learning experiences fit for an Alpha.

*Please note activities offered at each centre may vary


Sport Classes

Weekly sport programs by Ready, Steady, Go Kids that challenges children’s development, through a mixture of play-based and structured games and activities. 

 Australia’s largest multi-sport program for                1.5 – 6 year olds!
The children will learn the basics of ten great sports with a program which is Physio-designed, structured & fun.

Happy Feet Fitness

Happy Feet Fitness has successfully evolved the concept of play-based learning, finding the perfect balance between educational content, creativity, health and social development in our super fun themed adventure classes.

French Classes

Children often seem to pick up new words and phrases effortlessly, in the same way they learn their native tongue. Their minds are capable of absorbing this new information, allowing them to quickly begin using a new language with ease and confidence.

Cooking Classes

Providing children with skills ranging from health education to fine motor skills to literacy, science and numeracy. The impact on self-esteem and confidence is also a huge benefit with these classes as they allow young minds to experiment and develop.